Tuesday, 23 February 2010


so my second shot involves a long camera track and sweep upwards previously this shot was thought to be ok and unnecessary to track as the cg element would be in the distance and in the sky. but alas there was no such luck and the shot was in need of tracking. so i attempted to use maya live to resolve the problem, only to introduce many more problems. the footage is to sparse and void of any trackable information not to mention the reduced quality of the footage just to get it to play in maya. so after introducing over 30 track points and seeing full green bars i went to solve only to have the green bars turn to red and the pixel slip to 340 ?? baring in mind the ideal slip is 2. so tracking was out of the option.

so i then tried to remove the problem scene and introduce new footage to no avail.
so my resolution is to source new footage and provide a new narrative.

as such now my scene will consist of a more concise narratve in which the spitfires are the main focus. this new footage provides simpler elements of visual effects but overall will be a much better piece of work

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