Thursday, 4 March 2010

the edit

so here is the final edit with the sound effects added aswell.

so i believe the sounds along with this makes a huge difference and a marked improvement to the final product. im pleased most by the sounds of the spitfires as to me it fits and enhances the scene. the edit works well so much so iv had people unable to realise that the planes were added in by me. also in the original footage the girl does not die she continues running. the other key thing is the girl that begins to run is a completely different girl that continues running. all of these aspects reinforce my edit.

i have really enjoyed doing this project, to begin with it was the models that kept me interested and i put all my efforts into this. then when i began to animate i became more focussed on getting the edit and compositing right hence the reason why i went through a mass re-edit half way through the project when i realised that the tracking was not going to work.

so overall im really pleased with how this project has come out i have learnt a lot about modelling, compositing and editing through this project, but the main point of learning has been through the uv and texturing as i spent a lot of time on the spitfire getting the textured correctly.

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