Wednesday, 3 March 2010

lights shadows and evolution?

so this picture shows the 2 planes and a flat surface plus the lights. this new edit of the shot shows the new animation for the left plane. the surface is there to simply display the shadows of the planes. the surface is modelled to replicate the hillside in the shot so in the final shot the shadows roll over the hillside, so for this shot i rendered the planes and then the shadows separately so i can get more control over the shadows and the planes.

so here we have the final shot completed im much happier with this version where i have taken more time over the animation of the secondary plane, the only issue i have is that of the bullet contacts on the ground but i realise now that i could have created my own video effects quite easily at home with a camera setup from stores and a piece of white card, but this is said in retrospect and i may be enforcing it in later projects with more funding/ edit some funding

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